Executive development in the heart of Australia

Your transformative journey starts here
First Nations rock artwork - Executive development in Australia

Find yourself along a purposeful trail

Larapinta Connect is a unique in-country experience for leaders who are ready to challenge themselves and step into a stronger expression of their purpose, meaning and legacy.

Red rock canyon with creek - Unique experience on the Larapinta Trail

Amy P, Partner - PwC

Giving yourself space

As a successful leader, your accomplishments may bring fulfilment but may not have allowed opportunities for deep renewal, reflection and enquiry. Left unattended, these core questions that advance our leadership can diminish our growth and presence. We provide you with an opportunity to translate what matters into clarity and new calls to action.

Group hiking along trail next to water - Executive retreats on the Larapinta Trail

Michelle K, Partner - Strategy&

Taking small steps to answer big questions

Walking in the heart of this vast and ancient landscape inspires perspective around questions of purpose, meaning and legacy.

On the journey, we expose you to some of the challenges and perspectives faced by local First Nations people to deepen your knowledge of First Nations heritage.

First Nations hand touching red dirt - Explore first-hand experience of First Nations people
Person hiking trail - Walk along sections of the Larapinta trail
Red rock canyon with creek and trees - Walk along sections of the Larapinta trail
Sign indicating distance in Australian outback - experience a multi-day journey with short hikes along the Larapinta trail
Boots resting on rocks by a campfire - Engage with First Nations stories in the Larapinta region